Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MILKY COUPLE!!!!!*!!!!*^ ^

heheh,actually i juz finished watching dream high ep3.....and i'm feeling like want to jot down what i feel throughout the episode.simply saying,aq rasa sgt,sgt,sgt,sgt happy tgok episod kali nie....scene between wooyoung and iu.aq x ingat nama character wooyoung in the drama,but iu character 's name is kim pilsuk. scene di mana wooyoung opened his locker to put in his bag.HE IS SOOOOOOO COOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

after put in his bag,he just cooly grab the lollipop that was sticked on his locker.the lollipop was from pilsuk! revising the scene,wooyoung open his locker,put in his bag,closed the locker back and with no hesitation grab the candy and just straightly walk away climbing the stairs!
he was acting like he doesn't know about it. his action was too macho and cool to be miss out! and what makes it more interesting is that pilsuk was just beneath the stairs.OMO,this scene was way too cute for me.i really love this couple.^^ i am sure for those who are korean lovers like me out there will feel the same too. owh, and not to forget,i also like seoul ong and iu couple.it's just that wooyoung and iu is way toooooo adorable... :-) ^^


tralia miera said...

yeah,i just figured out that my grammar in this article has "something wrong".i should've used the past tense.in some words,i missed them.i'll worked hard to make sure things like this won't happen in the future.everyone make mistake,right?..

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