Wednesday, February 16, 2011

masalah relating tudung,wut they think bout us

I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show today.They talked about the scarf and veil thing.The conversation hurt me quite a bit,in some way.I can't blame them after all that they don't know. They said that a woman wearing scarf is close-minded,things like that.
Hey,I'm wearing scarf too,and I don't feel like living my whole life just to sit at home without anything to help my husband,my race,my country, and my religion.It's just that our Islam teach us to be more careful and prevent,is better than cure.You really don't want any men to rape you,do you? Our Islam is against those things. Islam teach women to appreciate more about themselves. Islam teach us to wrapped ourselves nicely so that no single dirt will ever stick to us. Just like a pearl,it's not easy to get them,right? You have to dive so deep in the sea because the greatest is the hardest. Why bother to attract men who is not worth yourself?

About the sex before marriage. A marriage is a way to keep you from having sex with random guy. Think- you feel like heaven for a moment,but in the end you will suffer like hell because of the AIDS,STD, and Hep B for the rest of your life. Is it worth yourself? A marriage is a sort of commitment you take for your partner in taking care for each other and sharing everything, without cheating,of course. So,are you refusing the marriage institution because you yourself do doubt your partner as well as yourself for not loving entirely?

Not to forget,the 'divorcing power' that only in men's hand. To be honest,we were taught that a man has 9 intelligences and 1 passion,that is sex. And as a woman,we have 9 passions and only 1 intelligence. Those passions consist of,mostly on desire,such as big house,branded cloth,nice car, and jewels. Because we have only 1 intelligence,we normally ended up settling things with emotion,while men are more wise. This is why a man doesn't need even a day to divorce his wife. It's just finish in a minute. We,as a woman,have to go on court and everything to get a divorce. Because if the power of divorce is in our hand,we would want to divorce them every time we have a fight. Doesn't that ridiculous? Soon there will be all widow and widower in this planet.

p/s : waktu aq kecik2 dulu,aq harap dapat kuasai B.I sebab aq harap aq boleh jumpa dgn Edison Chen so boleh la aq sembang dgn dia.hehe ^ ^ Bila makin besar,aq harap dapat kuasai B.I sebab aq nak orang luar faham yg diorang sebenarnya silap banyak pasal Islam. I want to fix their misunderstanding about Islam,let them feel the beauty of Islam.


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