Saturday, July 23, 2011

pretty much not so bad, I guess at least??

happy birthday, dear!!~_^


  7/7/2011 ~  IT'S KIM BUM'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :-)

           Well, just attend the 3rd EMC meeting. It went well.., or maybe just me and the board members feel so?haha.... Okay, let's be honest. From what I see through, the relation or should I say, communication, between SPT and MATRIX members are sucks. Yeah, it's get better from the first time, of course.
         Apparently, girl-to girl is just a no-no-situation. The magnet just aren't there. It helps a lot when The Head is male among SPT since MATRIX are all girls in the club. Seriously, the male should be the head. I think that girls are complicated when it comes to meeting new friends or workmates especially in different scope. Oh, thank you ALLAH for not putting me in amongst them.
         Being the secretary, it's my nature, I assume.haha... The only hard part is I don't have a laptop, so in my case it's not easy to do the report! But I like doing it, though. Work as secretary, I mean the real secretary in the corporate world, I've dreamt of it once. Note that it's not serious larr... What a HECTIC  life I'll live if I be one. No,no,no.
         The EMC members should meet more. So that we can be close. Yeah, it's hard to get my bum there., but I do like it when we settle down together. We should quickly start the activities and work together as a team.


Miss Ami said...

weh, tolon aku, aku kena wat minit mesyuarat. dalam english pulak tuh. terkangkang jugak aku weh. :[

miss aten said...

err, ngehehehee =')

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