Friday, January 20, 2012

m!$3r@bI_3 -_-

this is hard
i feel like isolating myself
to a place where no one could find me
where no one would know me
just being there myself
and myself only.

friends makes you happy
they could cure your sorrows
but apart from that
they also may cause you tears.

in my case
i'm dying of laughter because of friends
and it's because of friends too
my life gets so miserable
too miserable that i feel like 
ending it here.

is it wrong to be secretive?
is it wrong to not telling anyone how you feel?
is it wrong to have a crush secretly?
why do everyone need to know?

i feel like the whole wide world despise me
it was so fine before
why must it turn out to be this way?

      p/s : acting normal....even it's hard.


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