Tuesday, July 10, 2012

dear future husband


Wahai bakal suamiku,
Apa khabar dirimu?
Sihatkah imanmu?
Bagaimana  agamamu?

Arghhh, this is crap! Geli cair isi telinga aku nak memikir menyambung ayat sengal kat atas tuh.
That is not my genre lah. Nak membaca boleh, but I've stop writing those ayat bunga-bunga nie lama dulu dah.

Abang, where are you? I hope I can meet you soon.
Whoever you are, just live in my mind, okay? And in my du'a too.
I have so much to tell you.
At this moment, I have no one to share my stories, my thoughts.
I hope I could meet you real soon. I can't wait to share everything with you.

Please, and please... Come and find me soon. I'm dying in my own thoughts.
And remind me not to tell out those stories to other guy, okay? I want to share them just with you, my real husband. 

Please save me.

And when that time comes, would you sincerely listen to me?


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