Friday, March 29, 2013

love is all we need

            As u go on thiz world,always believe in ur dreams. Keep looking forward
 2 da future..,to all u might be. Don't let old mistakes or misfortunes hold u down. 
Learn from them, forgive urself and others then move on. Don't be bothered or 
discouraged by adversity. Instead hold it as a challenge. Be empowered by the courage it takes u 2 overcome obstacles. Learn something new everyday...
YOU are a very special star in thiz world, so go n shine............ok?? 

We never know they think about us,
But we do know what we are thinking,
And we are the one who can stop ourselves,
From being destroyed...
And we are the one who decide our future.
The last season come,

                 For you to enjoy,
                 For you to suffer,
                 For you to decide,

                              Where you will go .....

Friday, March 8, 2013

antara benci dan cinta

Aku benci dia.

Do I?
But why?

It's not that I'm jealous of her. I am confident enough with myself.
Do I envy her?
Not really actually. I have enough in my life.

It's just that,....
I dislikes the way she talks.
It was just that one and only reason why I came to dislike her.

Her way of talking shows a sense of proud, a boastful kind of feeling.
And it makes me sick!
And I can't stand it no more.
Moving out seemed like the best option. And it did.
But I still need to see her every day, excluding the holiday; thank God.
However still, it is a torture.

Disliking her way of talking at first, didn't end on just that.
I started to dislike everything about her.
'Her make up, her hair, her walking style, her fashion, and even more her attitude!'

Sadly the worse is, I couldn't help myself to fake anything in front of the person I hate.
When I dislike someone, I will reaaly, reaalllyyyy show my expressionless face whenever I am with them.
I am unable to see straight to their eyes, unable to speak to them directly, and unable to laugh at whatever jokes they make.
I am so sorry... But that's just me.
      * Dear you...
I know you are a kind hearted one. You helped me to register for my second sem's courses, remember?
I am ashamed to have feeling this. But I couldn't help it.
Just don't appear in front of me. It will sure help a lot.

pieceofmind :  there was one during my ISLAH years, one during my MMAS days, and one too, during my KMKN life.

      " I've been receiving the same tests from Him, just because I haven't pass the previous tests altogether. "