Friday, March 8, 2013

antara benci dan cinta

Aku benci dia.

Do I?
But why?

It's not that I'm jealous of her. I am confident enough with myself.
Do I envy her?
Not really actually. I have enough in my life.

It's just that,....
I dislikes the way she talks.
It was just that one and only reason why I came to dislike her.

Her way of talking shows a sense of proud, a boastful kind of feeling.
And it makes me sick!
And I can't stand it no more.
Moving out seemed like the best option. And it did.
But I still need to see her every day, excluding the holiday; thank God.
However still, it is a torture.

Disliking her way of talking at first, didn't end on just that.
I started to dislike everything about her.
'Her make up, her hair, her walking style, her fashion, and even more her attitude!'

Sadly the worse is, I couldn't help myself to fake anything in front of the person I hate.
When I dislike someone, I will reaaly, reaalllyyyy show my expressionless face whenever I am with them.
I am unable to see straight to their eyes, unable to speak to them directly, and unable to laugh at whatever jokes they make.
I am so sorry... But that's just me.
      * Dear you...
I know you are a kind hearted one. You helped me to register for my second sem's courses, remember?
I am ashamed to have feeling this. But I couldn't help it.
Just don't appear in front of me. It will sure help a lot.

pieceofmind :  there was one during my ISLAH years, one during my MMAS days, and one too, during my KMKN life.

      " I've been receiving the same tests from Him, just because I haven't pass the previous tests altogether. "


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