Wednesday, November 13, 2013


you envy them. been wondering how blessed their future family will be. how you wish you could be like one of them. how you wish you could be amongst them. and your wish, they are just one of your biggest dreams, that you'll never find yourself working hard for. cause there you are, sitting there doing nothing. afraid, or should i say TOO LAZY to do anything and everything with your utmost effort.

while what you should be doing right now, is to train yourself to be just like them. so you won't have any regret later on, and for you to not keep on blaming others.
sampai bila nak duduk goyang kaki ja tunggu prince charming datang bawak pergi syurga?

song hye gyo pown lawa beb pakai tudung! =)
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<3<3<3  _ALLAH LOVE US_  <3<3<3


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