Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Is the thing I need.
The need to give
Hopefully to receive.

As much as I long for love
The fear and insecure take part to rose
Leave me to be bewildered
Between choosing the heart or the judging crowd.

There were times
When lonely took place
During gloomy times gripping for strength
And those boring moments looking for enjoyment
And that alone situation seeking for companion. 

Despite all 
I enjoy being alone
Practice things no one care to comprehend
Doing everything to my heart content
Expect for no one comment
Live my life however I deem fit
Never care to fit in

And so I define my life as FREE.


ps: feeling sad, happy, bored, blurr, blank, seeking for attention but wanting to be alone. It's complicated, mixed feeling.  Hands down.

gambar tiada kaitan. :)


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