Friday, September 12, 2014

Yes, I'm an INTROVERT. and proud. =]

You are an ISFJ
(Introvert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger)
ISFJs represent between 9 and 14% of the U.S. population

Sensitive, Caring, Patient, and Conscientious

ISFJs can take time to warm up to new ideas and people. Painstakingly accurate and methodical when working with facts and details, ISFJs are patient with follow-through tasks. They tend to take commitments and deadlines very seriously, have excellent memories and are especially good at remembering details pertaining to people.

Patient listeners, eager to help people in real and practical ways

Quiet, private and reserved at first, but once they make a connection they are exceptionally loyal, generous and devoted. ISFJs are down-to-earth and realistic people and use practical judgment in making decisions and lend stability through their excellent commonsense perspective. ISFJs are modest, serious and hardworking and highly supportive of friends and colleagues.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

20 Facts About Me

1. Lahir di selatan, membesar di utara.

2. I speak utara only with orang2 utara jugak. Kalo cakap dengan orang luar, automatik ayat pergi mode kl. As well as when speaking formally.

3. Currently studying TESOL in USM.

4. Cannot read apatah lagi to deal with numbers. Can't even remember my dad's new plate numbers.

5. Benda paling dibenci adalah melukis. Dan segalanya yang melibatkan lukisan dan kreativiti. But I enjoy menghayati hasil kerja orang lain tho. 

6. Easy to forgive. But I never forget!

7. Kadang-kadang lambat grab maksud percakapan orang. If u see me looking at u tak cakap pape tu means that I don't get ur point but too lazy to ask again.

8. Join PALAPES semata-mata sebab perbarisan. I never knew what I'd be going through.

9. Sepanjang 21 tahun hidup, I realized that jenis lelaki yang aku admire semuanya SAMA. The exact same kind of personality.

10. Sangat suka kanak-kanak, especially babies.

11. Dream wishes: to travel around the world. Backpacking style.

12. Sangat senang to cry. I can cry just seeing people cries. 

13. Prefer to be alone rather than with someone I'm awkward with.

14. Selalu rasa inferior yang kononnya kawan-kawan tak suka aku.

15. I'm not talkative hence explains why I talk less so tak payah nak tegur tegur why aku diam sangat whatsoever.

16. Lebih familiar dengan Korea entertainment industry daripada negara sendiri.

17. Bad in remembering roads and directions. 

18. Good in remembering names and recognizing people.

19. Prefer reading notes alone daripada study group. Walaupun tahu aku sangat pemalas bila sorang sorang.

20. Dan saya SANGAT SUKA pantai. / water element. 

21. And the end. =)

Thursday, September 4, 2014


The road is far and the water was deep
My feet are frozen and there was light past the ocean
Time flows even on days that aren’t calm
You were with me during all of my time

On top of my nervously shaking shoulders
You put your hands without a word on top of the water
Connecting us heart to heart, unfolding road for me

How many rivers must be crossed?
How many wide oceans must be past?
To meet the me of my dreams?

When I’m walking over the dazzling bridge that is connected by our hearts
You are standing at the end with a warm smile
On the way to tomorrow

In the middle of the vast ocean
I shout outloud, asking how to withstand this by myself

The past memories that reflect on the glass window
Becomes the sun that sets in my heart
You are always there, finding road for me

After barely crossing the wave that is the world
I’m getting a little closer to the place that we promised
To you, closer, closer

A nameless and lonely island
Connect me to you again

How many more of us must be met?
How many more bridges must be crossed?
To reach the dazzling place?

All the things we shared
Colors in my heart every day
With the same light, we are made as one, forever
As we look at each other

Our bridges forever