Tuesday, December 2, 2014

this is me. 

i'm dying to write n express something. like those pent up anger n disappointment, my mind's struggling to let them free. those on-the-verge-of-tears-felt feelings, i secure them good. or at least i try to. that the most i've always been doing is to keep them caged, doing things to distract my mind from keep thinking about it. and then i'll forget. i always forget. for that momentary moments.

supposedly it's good i guess. cause they keep me from showing my anger n stuffs.

however one thing for sure.
this time i may forget. but next time i face the same situation, my memories will come rushing. and i get overly sensitive over the smallest matter., if that situation involves people i care about., people that i consider close.
the bad side is,
i get scared. to get close to people.
and to people i'm already close with?
i try distancing myself as vaguely as possible.