Tuesday, April 21, 2015

monster in my head

It's a good day.
till someone came and took it all away.
now your mind wanders.
to the past, to the memories.
your eyes started to dwell, with water forming a pond.
your voice started to crack.
you chocked on your tears.
you blocked on your nose.
mind's screaming loud.
heart yearning love.
sounds pleaded to be released.
voices struggled to get freed.
you swallowed it all.
ignore the temptation.

"they won't care.
they won't see.
they won't mind.
they will hate."
are what the monster said.
and you believed .

lying on the cold hard floor.
maybe it will help keep warm.
just until when should I survive?



Bismillahirrahman, arrahim.. 

The thing I'm gonna share is actually happened last year, during my second year in USM. We needed to go to pusat kebajikan, tak kiralah pusat kebajikan untuk kanak-kanak ataupun orang tua. So our group, we dicided to go to this one place, in Nibong Tebal. The place is named as PDK DOHSA HOU, PULAU PINANG. 

So as you can see, PDK actually stands for Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti. And "Dohsa-Hou" is actually like a method, used to rehabilitate people with cerebral palsy condition. 

"Dohsa-Hou adalah dari perkataan Jepun yang bermaksud pergerakan yang tidak menggunakan alat. (dulu dikenali Motor Action Training)"

Kalau tak salah aku ada jer kanak-kanak yang bukan cerebral palsy punya patient. But most of them have that kind of condition la. Condition di mana kau ada cukup sempurna semua anggota badan, tapi kau tak berupaya untuk menggerakkan anggota badan kau. 

A little insight on what cerebral palsy is about is that it is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture. Cerebral palsy is due to abnormal brain development, often before birth. Symptoms include exaggerated reflexes, floppy or rigid limbs, and involuntary motions. These appear by early childhood. 

So from there, you could guess lah kan, budak-budak yang ada dekat sini semua kebanyakannya tak boleh bergerak. Most of the time, diorang kena didukung ataupun, pakai stroller. They would drool, expected lah kan sebab their motor neurone is like, 'disturbed'. They could not control it. 

The one yang aku dukung tu for instance, serius aku cakap, seluruh badan dia memang lembik sungguh. Kaki dia memang tak boleh guna untuk berdiri, berjalan berlari apatah lagi. Kesian kan. Dari awal atas tangan aku sampai aku letak balik, kepala dia lentok jer kat bahu aku.  

ney masa awal-awal kitorang sampai

Budak dalam gambar kat atas ney, masyaAllah sangatlah hyper. Kerja dia berlari jer. Dan bercakap. Haha.. Jenuh nak melayan. Dua orang yang berdiri kat belakang dalam gambar first tu cikgu dia. Merangkap penjaga la. Diorang cakap budak ney tak boleh makan gula. Pelik pulak bunyi dia, haha.. Orang yang hyper tak boleh makan glucose sebenarnya. Sebab glucose akan bagi diorang tenaga lebih. Yes, diorang memang hyper naturally, tapi mesti dikawal sebab too much could be damaging.   

Okay this boy is cute! Would be a handsome lad I tell you. Dia ney lumpuh bahagian bawah badan. Nak kena dukung sentiasa. Pemalu jugak dia ney sebenarnya. Haha..

Antara aktiviti kitorang kat sana ialah di samping melihat, menjaga dan bermain dengan budak-budak kat situ, kitorang sebenarnya kena decorate the place. So, here are the process and the results.. heheh

Paintings tapak tangan tu were from all of us; Tesolians, the teachers and also the students.. haihh, rindu lah pulak. 

Masa kat sana jugak, kitorang ajar dan ajak budak-budak tu buat sandwich. Pastu makan ramai-ramai. Sedapnyaaa.... 

Haa, sekarang aktiviti pown dah habis, budak-budak semua dah balik. 
It's been a great day! 

You know what, gaji kerja kat tempat macam ney obviously won't be much. Yelah, this is more like volunteer work kan. Dan Malaysia is too far to be called a caring country. For Malaysia to provide well for these people and those people that help them., hadoi jauh lagi perjalanan hoii.. 

Tapi there are that fulfilling feeling bila aku buat kerja-kerja macam ney. Like, I was born for this. Haha.. 
But seriously, this is my dream job. Not as my permanent job. I mean, I would like to visit these places during weekend and during my free time. To help them, and to help myself too. To be a better person. To see things from other perspectives. And most importantly, to remind myself that I'm actually far more fortunate than these unfortunate people. They might be unfortunate here in this world, but Allah knows how well they would be paid later in jannah. If only they knew. 

May Allah bless. =)